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All pets deserve love, comfort, good food, good care, and lots of snuggles.

ReHome with LOVE!

We love and adore each one of our pets. Whether they have been for show, or for breeding, or for both. But we also know that each one deserves to retire to become the best pet you will ever know. They deserve to be able to go on walks without fear of disease, or what they may "bring" home on that walk. They deserve to sunbathe on the porch, or on the back of the sofa. They deserve to go for that bike ride that is so fun! So once our beloved pets are ready for retirement we start looking for the perfect family that will succeed in becoming the best family for our pets.

Its not easy, its actually one of the hardest things to do as breeders. We have poured our hearts, money, time, training, education, and life into each one. It is so hard to say "Happy Retirement". But they deserve to be rewarded in the best possible way. 

We love them and want the absolute best life for them. It is not a first come first serve process. If you are interested in one of our adults up for rehoming, you will be vetted extensively. Do not take offense at the questions we have for you if you are interested in one of our retirees.  If you let us know about your history and care of your pets, that is a huge help. That enables me to not have to ask so many questions.  I am ok with texting after we have visited over the phone or in person. Do know with the canine influenza spreading all over, we are not allowing at home visitations without exception. We are also trying to pick areas of meeting that most people will not bring their dogs to. Canine Influenza is highly contagious and will kill our puppies if brought home. 

We have 3 female AKC Cairn females up for retirement and placement. 

Call us about Kanga, Rebekah, Kenya-catch me. Kanga is 3, Rebekah is 6, and Kenya is 6. They have been loved and adored. All 3 are retiring from breeding and showing. Kenya was never shown due to her docile temperament. Our re-homing fee is $250. 

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