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AKC Sugar Lilly's Miss Ivy and AKC TMT'S Sir Dukenbear's litter born on November 22, 2022.

Evergreen is our only pup left.

Evergreen is the first one I thought would get picked first. He has a gorgeous coat, beautiful and perfect body structure, and has an A+ personality. He is fully crate trained and potty trained. Expect a little regression due to his age when bringing him home. 


Here are the litters we currently have!

For the Schnauzers you can contact 218-530-5053

Tap their names for pictures 

Prices differ due to their parentage and if they are tiny tots. 

We are working on re doing our whole site. Please be patient. If you have any questions feel free and give us a call at 218-530-5053. Thank you :)


Litter born on November 17, 2023.

Under 10 lbs full grown. $1,250

Litter is from our 8 lb Athena and 11lb Turtle Boy. 

2 small females are available, and 2 males are available.

Saphire is going to weigh around 9-10 lbs fully grown. Beautiful full salt and pepper coat. She has a little more clingy personality. She loves her humans. 

She is sweet and curious, very well rounded Mini Miniature Schnauzer.

Emeral is going to weigh right around 8-9 lbs. She is a beautiful salt and pepper with a full coat. She is going to be lighter than her sister when she is grown. She is an absolute character. At first she comes across as stand offish, give her a minute and she jumps right in and thinks she should be the little mama. She is alot like her mama Athena. Very social and very much in love with people. Athena is my clingon. She loves to be with me no matter what I am doing. All of her pups have this super sweet disposition. 

Jasper is Athenas biggest boy. Gorgeous light salt and pepper. He will silver out with age. Super sweet disposition. He loves people, loves to be the center of attention. Incredibly affectionate. Scores a 5 out of 5 on affection and interaction with humans. Will be around 11 lbs full grown.

Garnet is the last little pup. He is salt and pepper. Has a docile disposition. He is very intelligent. Loves puzzles and snuffle play.  He is a couch potato.  He loves to play but would prefer to be with you with whatever you are doing. He is curious about everything around him. Not scared easily. Will weigh around 9 lbs. full grown. 


AKC TMT'S Lil' Miss Midge and AKC Sir Bojo of Cloverleaf Kennels small litter born on November 21, 2022.
2 gorgeous boys available.




Rosen is a beautiful black boy. I adore his sweet and curious nature. He is an absolute little love. He is a little needy like my Midge and Bojo. But will also enjoy exploring in the backyard. He is started on potty training and crate training. He is doing great on potty training. He is very smart and will learn quickly. He does not like puppy biscuits, so we use Zukes liver treats with him. Sometimes he will turn his nose up at them, when that happens good, shredded chicken works wonders. Since there is only Rosen and Heinz they have been raised with and have done all their socialization with Pothos and Evergreen. All 4 of them love each other and do great. Non are assertive. Ppthos went to his family, so we have incorporated Jasper. They are best buds! Rosen does great with our other dogs also. He loves Eva's Australian Sheperd. So will do great with large breeds also.  Fully crate trained and almost fully potty trained. 


Heinz is a gorgeous boy! He has a beautiful full coat. He likes to dig in the bed, he gets in to mischief when it comes to getting under the covers. He reminds me in temperament of my very first Miniature Schnauzer (technically my moms) when I was growing up. Mazie loved to sleep under the covers right in the crook of my legs. Heinz is a snuggler! He takes about 30 seconds to warm up, and then he has to check everything out. He is more vocal than Rosen. Its more out of curiosity than it is just to bark. These boys all do great together and love each other. All of them will do great alone also.  Fully crate trained, and potty trained!

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