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Here are the litters we currently have!

For the Schnauzers you can contact 218-530-5053

Tap their names for pictures 

Prices differ due to their age. 

We have 2 6 month old boys available for $650.

Pictures and prices coming!!!

Milo is a gorgeous Black and Silver natural tail and ears. He has a mega coat .  He is fully vaccinated including rabies. Crate trained and does great in the house.  He is cuddly and an absolute sweetheart. 

Our other almost 6 month old is Beau. Beau is a sweetheart also. He is Salt and Pepper, only 12 lbs and pretty much full grown. He has all his boosters, but will need his Rabies vaccination.  Beau is also crate trained and has done great in the house. 

Both boys do great with all ages and all other animals.  We do not have cats, so no interaction with cats. 

Litter born on November 17, 2023.

Under 10 lbs full grown. $1,500

Litter is from our 8 lb Athena and 11lb Turtle Boy. 

2 small females are available, and 2 males are available.

Saphire is going to weigh around 9-10 lbs fully grown. Beautiful full salt and pepper coat. She has a little more clingy personality. She loves her humans. 

She is sweet and curious, very well rounded Mini Miniature Schnauzer.

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